Dr. Salih Abulgasim


Salih Abulgasim is a Business Administration Author and researcher with 20+ years of experience. He likes achieving goals where business requirements translate into strategy, process, and solutions, focusing on entrepreneurs and business enterprises' success.

As a B2B Copywriter and Content Writer, author, editor, ghostwriter, and researcher, I help educational companies and publishers write compelling, persuasive content.

I write marketing materials and content for the educational products industry. My persuasive copy can help customers develop and foster leads.

As an editor, I do a lot of book editing, and for me, writing and copywriting are skills I have a great passion for.

Teaching and training are the core focus of my career in universities and other institutions collectively and individually. Covering topics like Finance Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Negotiation Management, Crises Management, Change Management & Organizational Behaviour, Management & leadership, Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Selling Strategies, and many more...

Experienced working with international and national Humanitarian Voluntary Works. So, field research and case studies were the main issues I always perform.