This book deals with personal selling as one of the main marketing topics in local and international business organizations, and this activity is considered one of the most important elements of the promotional mix, as the main reason behind this importance is that the selling process can only take place through a personal meeting between the seller and the customer to convince him of the benefits of the products and assistance in transferring ownership. However, the emergence and development of technology has helped in performing the job and providing products and services professionally.

The Book of Personal Selling, & Sales Process Management contains:
Chapter One: Introduction (Personal Selling concepts, importance, and objectives, Personal Selling as science, art, and profession)
Chapter Two: Capabilities and characteristics of the successful seller
Chapter Three: Elements of the sales work mix
Chapter Four: Types of Markets, Products, and Personal Selling Activity
Chapter Five: The Personal Seller and Handling Buyers' Objections
Chapter Six: The selling positions between buyers and sellers
Chapter Seven: Persuasive Approaches to the Personal Seller
Chapter Eight: Personal selling and the product life cycle
Chapter Nine: Managing the Sales Process
Chapter Ten: Factors determining the number of personal selling men
Chapter Eleven: Personal Sales Training
Chapter Twelve: Compensation for personal selling men